VMware ThinApp
An agentless application deployment solution for Windows operating systems.
VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit
With this tool you can create and access VMware virtual disk storage.
VMware OVF Tool
Utility that supports importing & exporting of OVF packs.
RabbitMQ Server
Robust and scalable implementation of an AMQP broker.
VMware WSX
WSX is a highly experimental service that allows users to access their vSphere.
VMware ACE
Maintenance release that resolves some known issues.
VMware Horizon View Agent
It assists with session management, single sign-on, device redirection.
VMware Server Console
Begin enjoying the benefits of server virtualization for free.
VMware Movie Decoder
It is required to play back movies recorded with VMware Workstation.
virtual machine software.
VMware Data Recovery
Enable quick, simple and complete data protection for your virtual machines.
VMware Fusion PC Migration Agent
You can transfer your personal Window system to a Mac virtual machine.
VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client
Create a self optimizing IT infrastructure with the virtual infrastructure suite.
VMware DiskMount Utility
Mount an unused virtual disk in a Windows host file system as a separate drive.
VMware vCenter Server
It is an app that helps you manage your VMware vSphere environments.
VMware View
VMware View a simple desktop and application management.
VMware OS Optimization Tool
It optimizes Windows 7 desktops for use with VMware Horizon View.
VMware Software Manager - Download Service
VMware Software Manager simplifies the download of VMware suites and products.